ADRENALINE SHOT: The Tulawaka at Casela

Buzzing with excitement while slidding down the hill at Casela Tulawaka.


Even hours/ days after, the adrenaline shot while riding the tulawaka alpine coaster can still be felt. This place in the middle of the Black River, where dwells animals, waterfalls, lots of trees & lavish views, is the well-known Casela Park.

There is no wrong time to visit the Casela Adventure Park, open all year round except on Dec 25 and January 1 or due to prevailling conditions, the park has a lot to offer. Just after spotting the pygmy hippo, petting the rabbits, jacks, little goat & foal, and meeting with the giant tortoises, the tulawaka ride starting point can be identified.  


Seat belt buckled, the ride begins along the hill till the top with a rather easy pace and Rempart Mountain in the backdrop. While arriving to the top, it was time to jumpstart some boosting action, the tulawaka! The views only get better and better while slidding down; sugar cane fields overlooking the lagoon of the west coast, which is one of the most popular. 


It is the very first in Mauritius; fun and thrills are served. The ride includes banked turns, ground movements, waves, tendrils and vertiginous descents. Of course you get to control the speed all the way down while sliding the 800m ride, but if you let it go at full speed, it can reach 45km/h. A good adrenaline dose!



For info, the tulawaka gold coaster ride is included in the entrance ticket of the park! Therefore, you can start over and over again, as much as your heart can bear. The alpine coaster is both suitable for adults and kids. Riders can go solo as from 12 years old (minimum height 1m40) or in tandem. Those under 4 years old should be accompanied by an adult.


This is one of the adrenaline activities that you can do in Mauritius while enjoying its spectacular landscape. The staff of the Casela Adventure Park is one of the most professional giving you the necessary guidance.

- the waiting queue for this activity is quite long but this will change once the buzz alleviates.

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