LA SAVONNERIE CREOLE: Should we eat it or use it as a soap?

LA SAVONNERIE CREOLE: Should we eat it or use it as a soap?

Showering with a cupcake instead of eating it, the idea seems crazy?


Yet, that's what we discovered at the launch of La Savonnerie Creole soap boutique & factory in Vacoas. An artistic innovation where soaps subtly decline in unusual forms, they look and smell like your candy cheat on a sweet craving day.

Hence we discovered a soap boutique in a 100-year-old colonial house, with several decorative items & furniture a century old. They all contribute to the charm of the house; Shakespeare book from 1889 on the shelves, basin, accessories, crafting among others, all mixing in the universe of soap. A house that also narrates the story of this city, often forgotten but it also tells the story of soap in Mauritius.

These are the achievements of Lise Maujean, former owner of the soap shop and now designer of La Savonnerie Creole products. She made the soaps look one more appealing than the other; cupcakes, cheesecakes, chocolate bars or honey beeswax, there is something for every sweet-tooth. There are also scrubs for the body or face, creams, essential oils, and other body care products.

Behind all the artisan pastry uh ... soap, let’s highlight that these are handmade with 100% natural ingredients! According to Lise, we will soon see the opening of a café, so as to satisfy the sweet-toothed that thought that those attractive macaroon soaps were edible.

La Savonnerie Creole:

Open from Monday to Saturday 9:00 until 17:00, entrance is free.

Dr Chiranjiv Avenue Bhardwaj, Club Road, Vacoas

Lise Maujean  (230) 5989 1465