BLUE QUEST: 'The whales have been here for so long that you can call them Mauritians'

BLUE QUEST: 'The whales have been here for so long that you can call them Mauritians'

So, picture a big sea ranger boat of 50 ft, riding along the west coast, for an experience that will be memorable, grilled lobster and sparkling wine served aboard, exactly what you are looking for? 

July 6

Here's how we started this wild experience: We had to wake up early that morning, we didn't want to miss this one! Heading to Tamarin for the meeting point, the scenery gradually switches from lush greenery to coastal laidback vibes. This is how you recognize Tamarin village in the Black River district, miles of sugar cane fields, the bridge crossing the Rempart River, salt pans, surfers on the street, La Tourelle mountain, the barachois and the numerous luxurious bungalows & villas. Thus we started our day with very cool beach vibes.

We reached the Blue Quest cottage where the team welcomed us with warm greetings. A collation consisting of Croissant, Pain au chocolat, tea, coffee and fruits is served while the team gathers the last amenities for the blue journey. This is where we met Jean Noel, the director of Blue Quest. Between two bites, we were curious to know more of our trip. We have long believed that Whales were accosting the island only few months every year. 

"The whales have been here for so long that you can call them Mauritians!" replied Jean Noel.

Thus lifting off every doubts. In fact, the humpback whale usually ranging from 12-16 metres, approaches the island only in winter between July and November to breed and give birth before getting back to the artic, while the sperm whale ranging from 15-18 metres, is present all year round off the west coast of Mauritius.

Time to embark, Conrad, Clive and Max were our hosts. We were given all necessary guidance for the trip before heading to deep sea and were again offered a light breakfast. They informed us that we had only 90% chance of seeing the dolphins and 60% for the whales. Yet we were not disapointed.

Minutes later, we found ourselves surrounded by a pod of dolphins, spinning and playing. Our heart was filled with joy and excitement. We stayed there for 45 minutes and were asked if we were ready for more action, that day the sea was quite rough.

One thing that I highlight was the caring attitude of our hosts. We tend to get sea-sick easily in a rough sea, therefore the team ceaselessly entertained to distract us from the sea-sick and it worked amazing!! Hats off for this!

Miles off, we spotted our first sperm whale, then a whole family. They were quietly wandering around, completely wild and free, such a blissful heavenly moment! They did not move a lot, but we felt like we were the most lucky having been able to see them in their natural habitat.

Back near the shore we were again lucky to spot dolphins playing around, we stopped in shallow waters where we enjoyed a divine meal consisting of appetizer then lobster, chicken & fish skewers, pasta & salad and glasses of JP Chenet. We were back on the land at around 15:30.

Our blue quest was a success!



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