CANYONING AT EAU BLEUE: Do you prefer to rappel or jump?

CANYONING AT EAU BLEUE: Do you prefer to rappel or jump?

Located on the southern Central Plateau of Mauritius, about 20 minutes from Curepipe, a gorgeous paradise hides in the nature preserved forests - the Eau Bleue Waterfalls.

Whether you go there for canyoning, hiking, swimming or just sightseeing, the deep blue ponds and powerful waterfalls leave nobody untouched. Anyway, we decided to master the river course with ropes, carabiners and a climbing harness.

The canyoning trip was operated by two highly experienced guides called Freddy and Irfaan, who are working for Wild and Free Passionate Adventurers. We booked the trip by simply calling them and asking for an offer for 5 persons on Sunday morning - et voila'.

The trip took about 3 hours, so Freddy had proposed to meet at 09:30 AM at a gas station close to Curepipe, in order to follow them to the rather hidden waterfalls. After a 10 minutes-drive we parked our cars on a small trail, leading into a sugar cane field.

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Freddy and Irfaan checked all the equipment and gave us an instruction on how to use it and what to consider when rappelling down. The equipment includes a helmet, life west, a climbing harness, carabiners and the ropes - just make sure you bring proper shoes on this trip!

Since canyoning at a waterfall involves getting wet through, they brought two small waterproof boxes to store some snacks and beverage for the trip, but non-waterproof devices should be kept in the car. If you consider to bring your smart phone to take pictures buy a waterproof zip-bag for phones or an action cam with waterproof housing like the GoPro Hero series.

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Once everybody was dressed up and ready to go we headed towards the first waterfall. This steep 5-minutes trail led us through very thick bushes including thorns (watch your step) until we arrived at the river.

From there on we approached 5 waterfalls with heights from 3 to 14 metres. Each time we encountered a waterfall the guides asked us, whether we want to jump or rope down, what added even more freedom and uniqueness to this trip.

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Be aware that this trip is only available during the Mauritian winter season (April to August), since the river is almost dried out during summer.

Enough said - the below video that we recorded is worth more than a thousand words, enjoy watching:

If you are an adventure-seeking person looking for unique experiences, I highly recommend you to drop Wild and Free Passionate Adventurers a line and book this canyoning trip at Eau Bleue Waterfalls.

@ Joachim D.