Chamarel is one of the best known touristic hot spots in Mauritius. No one should leave the island without being there at least once.  Chamarel offers a lot of activities that can hardly be done in one day – at least not if you want to enjoy your day and not just rush through it.

On Sunday, Sep 3rd we tried to check as many spots as possible. The weather forecast promised +26°C and a blue sky. Once we entered the area we were directly dropped off at Ebony Forest. The Ebony Tree once dominated the island, today there are just a few remainders. That’s why an ecotourism organisation set the goal to restore and recreate the indigenous forest. If you like to learn more about Mauritius’ history and nature you should definitely plan to visit this place. In order to go up there you can decide between two options: walking or taking a safari jeep, which leaves every 30 minutes and takes about 10 minutes. Since we had a lot of intentions for this day we decided to go by jeep.  It brought us to the first view point (Sublime Point), from where you have a great view over the southern part of Mauritius.  But of course: The higher the better! After some snapshots the strenuous part began. A 15 to 20 minutes walk brings you to the top of Ebony Forest (Piton Canot). It is steep, it is slippery, it is exhausting but it is all worth it! Once you are up you forget about the pain in your lungs and legs. While refreshing your lungs with fresh air you enjoy a fantastic 360° view over Mauritius: Le Morne Brabant, Île Benitier, Crystal Rock, the Seven Coloured Earth …
So far this was the best view I have had over Mauritius in the past month.   


Tip: Choose a day with good weather conditions. The view will not be the same if it’s cloudy or rainy. Even though I said it is hard, it should be possible for the majority. But don’t forget to bring good shoes! Walking up Ebony Forest with shoes without a proper profile is possible but not advisable. If you choose a sunny day to go, mosquito repellent and sunscreen is indispensable.

Needless to say, the way down was much easier. After a short refreshment (with of course a typical Mauritian Snack: Roti!) at the middle, the jeep took us back to the starting point where we could learn more about Mauritius’ formation, history and nature. A lot of interesting posters show how Mauritius was formed, developed and changed since the first humans arrived. For those who are too fatigued the six minute video is perfect. It summarizes clearly all the important worth knowing.

After that the next point of interest awaited us. From Ebony Forest to the Seven Coloured Earth is just a stone throw (around 300 meters). It took us only a few minutes to go there. This geological phenomenon was created through several volcanic activities and should be a “Must See” on every Mauritian “Bucket List”.


Approximately 1.5 km in the eastern direction the highest waterfall of Mauritius, Chamarel Waterfall, is located. From 100 meters the water rushes into the deep (Fun Fact: same height as the Statue of Liberty in New York).


Another 1.3 km walk further and we were back at the entrance gate to the Seven Coloured Earth. And at the same time we reached our last program point: Curious Corner of Chamarel. After this full day of nature and walking, this was the perfect funny ending. Curious Corner is a house full of illusion and mystery. In different areas, different kinds of illusions can be found – one more insane than the other. The house will definitely raise your curiosity and leave you speechless. It is an escape from everyday life and brings out the inner child in each.

Afterwards we went back, exhausted but absolutely satisfied. The adventure of taking a public transfer bus for around 30 km is another story…

All in all it has been an exciting, adventurous and fantastic excursion.  There is only one thing left to conclude: One of the best characteristics of this day was that the area around Chamarel is not overcrowded! Even though Chamarel is visited by many tourists it has nothing to do with mass tourism. You can enjoy the view, the atmosphere and take pictures as much as you want without unknown folks on it – so you will never forget these unique moments. 

At least I will not!

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