OBEROI EXPERIENCES: Cooking in the herb garden

The Oberoi at turtle bay on the west coast of Mauritius offers a special concept. The property is dominated by lush tropical vegetation and walkways are snaking between bushes, trees and buildings. The flora within the property is very diverse which pulls in a lot of different birds as well.

On this basis, the Oberoi offers a lot of different nature based activities for its guests. If breathing exercises on the beach in the morning, pre-dinner evening walks through the sugar cane fields, T’ai Chi in the gardens, stargazing at the beach or guided tours through the Oberoi gardens, guests with different interests will find active entertainment.

One of these activities is the cooking class. Within their gardens, the Oberoi also grows herbs for their kitchens. This is where guests can meet one of the resorts master chefs and learn their trade first hand.

Every Saturday noon it is time to smell, taste and touch local ingredients and turn them into a Creole or Indian delicacy. Guests are going to learn about exotic vegetables and fruits and how the prepare them.

In the best case the result of the training will be a delicious lunch for all participants!

@Michael S.