KARO DU CHEF: Maradiva's little eden

Maradiva Resort & Spa is mostly known for its villa concept, its private atmosphere, weddings & honeymoons as well as their Rolls-Royces. But what maybe sets it apart the most from other hotels is what they call “Karo du chef”.

A bit under the radar of most of the guests, Karo du Chef is a 2 acres large garden opposite the hotel. Here, Maradiva and its sister hotel Sands grow vegetables, fruits and herbs and even produce their own honey.

All of the produced goods find their way into the kitchens of Sands and Maradiva. As a result Maradiva manages to independently grow 80% of the herbs, 60% of the fruits and 30% of the vegetables they need over the year.


This has a couple of advantages. Firstly, all the food is grown organically. No pesticides are being used and fruits and vegetables which do not exactly grow to industry standards are still being used. The crops can be picked and served on the same day without any need for preservation or early picking. Especially for seasonal fruits that makes a big difference. But also for non-seasonal crops it ensures good quality and less waste.

In the garden you can find all kinds of fruits and vegetables: Giraumon Pumpkin, Papayas, Coconuts, Bananas, Guava and Custard Apples, only to mention some. 

Within the garden are four bee hives. The bees have a double purpose for Maradiva. On the one hand they help pollinating the flowers and increase the harvest. On the other hand they produce honey which can be used in the Kitchens or the breakfast buffet. The first batch is longingly awaited to be ready soon!

The garden is being managed by the two executive chefs of Maradiva and Sands. Everyday six local ladies attend the garden and ensure the crops quantity and quality.  


On top of the gardening Karo du Chef is also being used as location for various events. If guided tours though the garden with the chef, cooking classes or competitions and even weddings, the Karo du Chef offers enough space and a unique atmosphere. The creativity and commitment of the Maradiva team will make it great experience!


Maradiva also shared this experience with us! Below you find the video of the Solis cooking competition. Our four teams were given different equipment, ingredients and teamed up cooks from Maradiva. The results were four very different dishes which were judged according to taste and visual appeal.

Apparently Solis Indian Ocean is home to many great cooks, because the judges could not decide which team prepared the best dish and announced a four way tie.


 Michael S.