GOVERNOR’S HOUSE: The lonely side of Flat Island

This week took us to a special place: The Governor’s House on the far side of Flat Island.

Governor’s house is a ruin which dates back to the 19th century. What remains is used as a remarkable setting for one of the most private restaurants in Mauritius.

Solis is looking to include this unique experience into our product portfolio, so of course we had to test it!


In the morning we were picked up by a catamaran in Grand Baie. From there we headed straight north along Gunner’s Quoin and up to Gabriel Island and Flat Island.

Flat Island is about 17 km from Grand Baie and around 10km of the closest point of the Mauritian coastline. As we left the Bay and the waters close to the coast, the sea became rough and the waves higher. Lucky enough, none of the guests got seasick. Nevertheless, walking from one end of the catamaran to the other required rather more skill than usual.

We sailed close along Gunner’s Quoin, the most iconic landmark in the north of Mauritius and finally arrived at Gabriel Island and Flat Island.

From there we were taken to Governor’s House in a small tender boat. A combination of reef and low tide made this part of our journey particularly interesting, but our captain showed that he knew what he was doing.

Arriving at the Governor’s House in the north east of Flat Island left me rather stunned. We arrived with a group of 8 guests plus the crew and cooks. Nobody else was there! The long stretches of beach to the left and right were completely empty.

At the beach we found beanbags to chill in and were provided with everything from a Mojito to octopus salad.

While the cooks were busy preparing our food, we had time to lie in the sun, discover the island or snorkel in the lagoon.

The Governor’s House itself is a bit inside the island behind the first dunes. The remains of the old building were turned into a restaurant and fitted with tables, chairs and partly with a roof. The sand floor and tree growing inside it give it a unique eating outside atmosphere. On top of that the building is equipped with a toilet, running water, a shower and a lot of sun loungers are surrounding it. My first thought when I saw the property was: How the heck did they get all this stuff here?

The food was simply excellent. The restaurant offers the choice of a veggie menu, a chicken and fish menu or lobster and fish. This was accompanied by a choice of wines or whatever else you might want to drink.

After the excellent lunch we were given more time to do what we wanted while the crew transported their equipment back to the catamaran.

It was a very long day, away from the busyness of the main island. The nature, the location and excellent service made it an unforgettable experience!

@Michael S.