DODO TRAIL 2017: 30 Days left to train your Dodo legs

In exactly 30 days sounds the starter’s gun for the 2017 Dodo Trail run! Participants will have the choice to run the 5km Dodo Fun Run for Kids, the 10km Mini Dodo Trail, the 25km TI Dodo Trail or the 50km Xtreme Dodo Trail.

If your legs look anything like mine than even the Mini Dodo Trail with its 500m elevation difference will pose a serious challenge for you. But also for trained and even professional runners the Dodo Trail will be a great challenge!

If you want to join you should hurry up! The registration can be done until the 21st of June on


Dodo Fun Run

Starting at the Riverland Sport Center in Tamarin, this 5 km run is meant for children. Parents can accompany their Kids for motivation and safety, but they will be excluded of the results of course.

Mini Dodo Trail

The Mini Dodo trail will lead runners 10 km from Black River through the mountains to Tamarin. Participants will be facing a total elevation-change of 500m, cross private properties which are otherwise inaccessible and run on 4x4 tracks and single paths.  On their way they will have the best view on different landmarks along the south west coast like Le Morne, the lagoon of Ile aux Benitiers or the Vallee de Yemen.  

Ti Dodo Trail

The Ti Dodo trail will be 25 km in distance and have an elevation change of 1500m. It starts in the Black River Gorges National Park and will basically follow the same route we did when we discovered the national park ourselves (hopefully in better weather). From the Black River Gorges the trail will take the runners through a number of private grounds towards Tamarin. The last challenge to face will be the Tourelle de Tamarin with an altitude of over 500m and steep and sandy slopes. The run will end at the Riverland Sports Center in Tamarin.


Xtreme Dodo Trail

The Xtreme Dodo trail is 50km long with an elevation difference of 3000m. It will start early in the morning at Le Morne while it is still dark. Runners will head south east to Baie du Cap and then climb the mountains until they reach 550m and their first peak at La Prairie. From there they will be able to see le Morne as well as the Vallee de Chamarel.

From there they run up to the highest peak in Mauritius: the Piton de la Rivière Noire. Further on they will head into the Black River National Park and meet up with the Ti Dodo trail.


Organization for a cause!

On top of the challenge and fun, the Dodo Trail Run also serves a cause. The organizers are committed to reduce the ecological footprint of the event and therefore educate participants about the responsible way to treat the trash they produce on their run.

On top of that the Trail run supports the Fondation Ressources et Nature. A non Govermental Organization that aims to preserve and re- introduce terrestrial and marine endemic and native biodiversity. For this cause the organizers donate 50 MUR for each participant of all the races.


Solis is official partner

Solis Indian Ocean also supports the organization of the Dodo Trail 2017. As a DMC we provide transport and accommodation for athletes taking part in the event.

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