OCEANE: Sailing the East Coast

One of the most popular things to do in Mauritius is sailing. There are trips all around the island visiting different places and looking for dolphins, coral reefs, sharks, turtles or even wales (only in winter).

Last week I and a few friends took part in a Catamaran trip on the east coast. Solis supplier Oceane took us for a sail from Trou d'eau Douce, around Ile aux Cerf to the Grand River South East Waterfall, to Ile aux Cerf and back to Trou d'eau Douce. It was a long day with perfect sailing weather on a beautiful boat!

We were picked up in the morning at Trou d'eau Douce beach by a little tender boat. The “pleasure craft” as they referred to it transferred us directly on one of the catamarans in the bay. The catamaran was very roomy and easily accommodated us and the other groups.

Ones we were outside the bay the crew set sail. Already from the beach we saw some bad weather coming from the east. Ones we were outside the bay we hit the rain and stronger wind. For a second there we already thought our trip to become a quite miserable and cold(ish) time.
Luckily the weather changed completely after 20 minutes. The sun came out and the sky turned from a dark grey into a bright blue.

Because the wind still stayed, we had the perfect sailing weather! Surrounded by other catamarans, we sailed south with a nice view on Ile aux Cerf.  

Ones we had left Ile aux Cerf behind us and reached the estuary of the Grand River South East, our crew told us that we would snorkel now. The actual plan was to visit the Grand River South East Waterfall first. This had been slightly changed, because the crew was informed that there were to many boats at the waterfall already and we would have to wait.

Snorkeling it was then! And what a snorkel spot it was!  Fed by the nutritions of the Grand River South East, the spot was full of diverse corals and fish. I can write lot about how nice it was, but as I had my action-cam with me you can see for yourself!


After we went back on the boat we drove to the waterfall. The site is quite impressive. We were sitting in a boat in the ocean surrounded by jungle looking at a white and loud wall of sweet water. 

While we were enjoying the waterfall our crew was not lazy. They had started the BBQ and were preparing Tuna steaks, chicken and different salads for us. We enjoyed the food as we were sailing back north to the Ile aux Cerf.

This time the catamaran took the route west of the island and brought us to a nice lagoon. Here we could chill at the beach and in the water or book a banana boat ride. With our group of five we tried out the banana. We fell of a couple of times but had massive fun!

After two hours on Ile aux Cerf we hoped on the catamaran and sailed back to Trou d'eau Douce.

It was a really remember able day with lots of nature, fun, beer and BBQ… and a tiny sunburn.


@Michael S.