REBIRTH: One&Only Le Saint Géran is bringing the “outside in”

REBIRTH: One&Only Le Saint Géran is bringing the “outside in”

The One & Only Le Saint Géran situated on the east coast is known for its excellent service and location. The five star Hotel lies right on the southern peninsula closing of Poste de Flacq Bay and is surrounded by only beach and water.

Since January 2017 the hotel undergoes serious reconstructions and will continue to be closed until December. Working for nearly a year on a hotel makeover is a long time, which makes us excited about what is coming.  

Only this week One & Only reviled first teasers of their new concept and from the looks of it we were right to be excited!

Outside in

The new concept is all about integrating the outside world into the room while still protecting privacy. For that purpose the rooms are being completely re-conceptualized. They will feature disappearing patio doors, outside dining areas and ocean view, marble lined bathrooms. On top of that, the Hotel introduces completely new interconnecting suites and transforms their Villa One, to offer the perfect experience for families.


This amazingly well animated video shows how One&Only Le Saint Géran will look from December:

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