CSR: Solis boosts Young Professionals

Today’s Blog is a bit different from usual. Where we normally try to put the focus of our blog articles on Mauritius as a destination and not so much on ourselves, today you will have a small inside into the way things work at Solis Indian Ocean.

Corporate Social Responsibility is important for us. Like many companies worldwide, we follow the triple bottom line approach to ensure that our company grows in a sustainable way. As you might know, the triple bottom line framework sees development as only being sustainable if it serves the Planet, the People and the Profit. As a result, we want to work environmentally sustainable and treat our staff and our community the way they deserve it, while running a successful and profitable business.

Today, I want to put a bit of light on the peoples side of our CSR, especially our intern program.


Solis frequently takes interns from different schools in Mauritius, the University of Technology Mauritius or international Universities. We have several reasons to do this. Firstly, we think it is important to give students the chance to get experiences on top of their study, secondly we can profit from the knowledge and creativity of students and lastly students can help us to tackle seasonal workloads.

Since this month, we have a group of students form the Hotel School of Mauritius SGD who join our Rates and Data Department until September.
I personally come from the Stenden University for Applied Sciences in the Netherlands and joined the Sales & Marketing Department back in February, to stay until the end of July.
And just recently a student of Tourism Management from the UTM left the company after a six month internship.

Solis helps us students to lay a foundation for our careers in the tourism industry!

To provide the best experience, interns get inductions in all departments. This way they learn to understand the complete business process of our company. Interns also get to work with different departments and on different projects.   

However, the teaching does not only go one way. Solis appreciates the value of the knowledge and creativity students bring into the company as well. Feedback and ideas of interns are always welcomed by the management.  

Solis is proud to help young people to find their way into the tourism industry and thus giving something back to the mauritian society.

The Student from UTM took the time to write us a thank you letter. In the letter, she describes how she could integrate the knowledge she gained at Solis into projects at her university. Furthermore, she thanks the company and especially the Rates & Data Department to make her time here so enjoyable.

Because I could not summarize the first half of my stay at Solis better, I will close this article with her words:

“To summarize, I gained a lot in terms of experience, maturity, self-confidence and enjoyed my stay at Solis. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Solis team, for their time and devotion towards me. The knowledge acquired will definitely help me professionally and socially.

I would like to conclude by saying a big thank you to Solis and that it would mean a lot to me if ever I am given the opportunity to work for the firm in the future.”


@Michael S.