SHANDRANI BEACHCOMBER: Fresh wind for the restaurants

The Shandrani Beachcomber Resort continues to reinvent itself. Their last project was to give their restaurants a new and refreshed touch. They worked on their interior as well as their menus to improve their guests experience.



Le Sirius Restaurant

The Sirius restaurant is a magical place. It is surrounded by the waters of the pool and blue bay and invites guests to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner there. It now features an open sky lounge with comfortable sun lounges and reworked white pebbles and sand patches to underline the seaside atmosphere. The restaurant also worked on their menu. You can have a la carte breakfast with eight different varieties of egg or light lunch with salads, sandwiches or octopus. Every day there will be a different Mauritian dish to taste from. Mauritian dishes are also the theme of the restaurants dinner offerings. Up to 120 guests will be able to eat local food prepared with high quality local ingredients.


The Ponte Vecchio

Whoever has been to Florence/Italy will recognize this famous name and immediately know what food is being served in “Le Ponte Vecchio Restaurant”. The Italian theme stretches from the restaurant's food to its atmosphere. Visitors will find an arrangement of woodwork and trattoria style furniture contrasted with white washed walls. The restaurant has an open kitchen which gives guests the possibility to watch their food getting prepared. It underlines the Italian atmosphere as the guests get to be a part of the somewhat hectic, but organized going-ones in the Kitchen. As the Ponte Vecchio is situated rather central in the resort, the restaurant spreads the fumes of garlic and tomato far over its boundaries. Executive Chef Oliver Belliard will prepare anitpasti, planchas, meat, fresh pasta and much more for you!


Le Grand Port

The main restaurant Le Grand Port also works on improving its service. Here you can find four different buffets at the moment. The formerly existing Mauritian, Italian and Asian Buffet are now being joined by a Lebanese one. Still, the restaurant plans to expand even further and add an American and French Bistro buffet.  

@ Michael S.