MAURITIUS CINEMATIC: The best angles on the best Island!

One important aspect of traveling is sharing the experience afterwards. In times of drones, action cams, smartphones and YouTube, people with different levels of professionalism in content production can produce stunning content and share it with the world. Mauritius, as a very beautiful and diverse island is the perfect place to create memories as well as memorable video footage. 
I took the time to collect some of the most stunning videos about Mauritius on YouTube:


Mauritius seen from above

is a professional production made for the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority. It shows Mauritius from the perspective of a drone and gives unique angels on different parts of the island.


Also produced for Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, this video shows Mauritius from a more usual perspective. It features stunning footage of culture, natural sights and activities you can do on the island.

Rochester Falls

A short visit at the Rochester Falls with some locals showing of their skills!

Sea Kart in Mauritius Island

Just a guy, an action-cam and some fun with a sea kart. Look out for Le Morne and Crystal Rock!


Maybe my favorite video in this collection! It shows the island from the perspective of a Kite Surfer. See some awesome shots, pure skill and a some drama in 8 minutes.

@Michael S.