NEW CHEF AT OUTRIGGER: Thai Samreth introduces Cambodian flavors

NEW CHEF AT OUTRIGGER: Thai Samreth introduces Cambodian flavors

Since January this year the Outrigger Beach Reserve on the south coast of Mauritius has a new Chef! Thai Samreth is an experienced and well known chef who focuses on the traditional Cambodian Khmer Cuisine.


The Cook – From a motorcycle taxi into international kitchens:

Thai Samreth was born in Cambodia and started his career as a chef in the year 2000. In this year he skipped his job as a motorcycle taxi driver to start his apprenticeship in a local hotel. In the following 12 years he worked his way up from washing vegetables to the position of Junior Sous Chef.  He learned all his skills from the chefs he worked with and sees them as his mentors until today. After being a head chef in Cambodia and working in Dubai and the Maldives, he now joined team of the Platinum Club in the Outrigger Beach Resort.


The Food - Royal Khmer Cuisine

Khmer Cuisine, also called Cambodian cuisine, focuses on the experience of eating. It is all about textures and complex aromas. You will find fresh ingredients and exploding flavors! Khmer is a healthy way of eating which includes a lot of sea food, rice and garlic. Dishes are prepared according to Buddhist guidelines. Typically, a meal consists of many dishes with contrasting flavors which are served at the same time. Popular dishes are noodle soups, rice soups, hotpot and fried, cooked or sticky rice. For dessert you will find fruit dishes, jellies and puddings.

But I can write a lot about the food. These pictures will give you a better motivation to go to Outrigger and taste it yourself!

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