THE ULTIMATE CHALLANGE: 80 km long. 1.7km up. 1.8km down. 19h.

THE ULTIMATE CHALLANGE: 80 km long. 1.7km up. 1.8km down. 19h.

Do you want to test your limits? Do it in the unique environments of Mauritius!

LUX Sports organizes several big sporting events during the year 2017. The most impressive challenge in their portfolio might be the Royal Raid. Taking place on the 13th of May the trail run is 80km long. Runners will start at 100m above sea level and end at 0m. But don’t think this is a pleasant walk downhill. You will have to climb 1.7km in total and decent 1.8km. While running over hills, mountains and through valleys, you will be faced with different kinds of weather and track conditions. Runners bound to push their limits to finish this event!

The Route:

The Royal raid is split into three different difficulty levels starting at different points but following similar routes:

The Royal Raid 80:

The 80km run starts at Casela Bird Park on the west coast and finishes at the Tamassa Hotel in Bel Ombre on the south coast of Mauritius. It is supposed to be completed within 19 hours. Athletes will run through Casela- and Yemen Nature Reserve as well as Black River National Park. They will be faced with all different kinds of terrain from steep slopes to tarred roads. Ones they have reached the Jet Ranch west of the National Park they will be able to gather strength by eating and resting. The Jet Ranch is also the starting point of the Royal Raid 35.

The Royal Raid 35:

This trail run is 35km long and to be completed in 9 hours. Runners will stay on the plateau around Mare Longue Dam for about 12 km. After this they will join the runners of the Royal Raid 80 to decent 500m and climb 600m within 9 km and reach Parakeet. From Parakeet they decent to Bel Ombre and meet the Royal Raid 15 participants.

The Royal Raid 15:

Starting at the Bel Ombre coast road this run will go through sugarcane fields and Bel Ombre Hunting Park to finally meet the Royal Raid 80 and 30 runners. All three runs will end at the Lux Tamassa Resort.


More Information

As mentioned Lux Sports organizes several big sports events this year. No matter if you are into running, surfing, kiting or triathlons, they will have most awesome events for you! Dedicated athletes in challenging environments and stunning landscape wait for you to join!

You are not a professional and maybe not competitive? Then you just join for the fun! will provide you with more information about the Royal Raid like registration, accommodation, sponsors, results and more.

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