THE OUTPOST: Camping in the mountains of Grand Port

THE OUTPOST: Camping in the mountains of Grand Port

“Meaninglessness does not come from being weary of pain. Meaninglessness comes from being weary of pleasure.” ― G.K. Chesterton

Are you weary of lying around all day long, getting served anything you want at any time on your sunbed and being pampered 24/7? Are you weary of staying in 4- and 5 Star luxury resorts with all their convenient amenities and organized entertainment programmes?

The outpost Adventure

Don't you sometimes feel the inner urge to go on an adventure, get out of your comfort zone and being bound up with Mother Nature again?
In that case, The Outpost in Grand Port, Mauritius is exactly what you are looking for!

Located in the mountains of Bambous Virieux in Grand Port, this peaceful retreat consists of six spacious, solid tents and a big hut with a fully equipped kitchen and a cosy seating area. Since the camp is only accessible via one road, which is quite steep and rocky, you get picked up by a Jeep in the valley, where you can park your own car. It's a rattling, yet fun 20 minutes ride through sugar cane fields and up the mountain to the camp.

The tents

There are three different categories of tents you can book: Ocean view, Jungle view and Valley view. Basically every tent is highly waterproof, has it's own terrace, seating furniture, a very comfortable mattress, pillows and a thick thermo-blanket. Furthermore, you receive a rechargeable light bulb, charged daily with sustainable photovoltaic panels. Each tent has it's separate Bio-toilet. Now you might ask yourself what's a Bio-toilet. Well, actually it's a comfortable toilet where you can sit on and read your book or newspaper - the only thing missing is the flush. Instead, you get a bucket of chipped wood, which you are supposed to pour in the toilet after every "session". This takes away the smell and fastens the composting process.

The kitchen

The fully equipped kitchen in the community hut contains a gas cooker, water boiler, fridge, cooling boxes, kitchen tools, pans, dishes, cellphone chargers and a small electricity generator for urgent matters. The Outpost staff will also prepare a campfire on request if you want to make a BBQ. Basically breakfast is included for each night you stay. For those who don't want to cook in the evening, the staff will prepare dinner for a little supplement. After dinner you either sit together with the other guests for some board games (available on site) and chats, or you return to your tent with your beloved one for a romantic star gazing or glass of wine on the terrace.

The viewpoint

Surrounded by forests, (harmless) wildlife and the Grand Port mountain range, The Outpost provides a stunning environment and a great view on the East coast of Mauritius. Whether you choose to go on an expeditionary hike further up the mountains or just head to the viewpoint on the smaller hill next to the camp - an unforgettable camping night and breathtaking views are guaranteed.


@ Joachim D.