LA VALLEE DES COULEURS: Where legacy nature meets modern-day action

LA VALLEE DES COULEURS: Where legacy nature meets modern-day action

With the discovery of the 23-Coloured Earth in 1998, whose origin dates back to millions of years following the eruption of the Bassin Blanc volcano, La Vallee des Couleurs has become one of the most famous attractions in Mauritius. It's unique landscape consists of plateaus, mountains, craters, lakes and valleys, which provide a large variety of rare flora and fauna.


Anyway, Mauritians as well as foreigners visit the park not only for its natural beauty, but also for its various, action-packed activities. For most activities no pre-booking is required. In the arrival hall there are plenty of flyers with a programme overview and consultants who provide assistance. Once you've selected your activities they'll outfit you with the required equipment and you'll be brought to the different sites in massive, powerful Jeeps. We decided to do the Nepalese Bridge and the Super-longest Zipline with a length of 1.5 km. 

Nepalese Bridge

With a length of 350 metres, the park owns the 3rd longest Nepalese bridge in the world, while it's the 1st longest in the Indian Ocean. Equipped with a harness and a safety rope you can cross the bridge without a guide following or leading you. With more than 20 metres height above the ground at one point, it's an exciting experience with potential for an adrenaline rush.
If you are afraid of heights you might skip it - or even better, do it and overcome your fear!


Zip Line

This attraction is a great opportunity to unveil the true beauty of this remarkable nature reserve, flying like birds from the tree tops, riding the longest zip lines in Mauritius.
Equipped with a full-body harness (made for laying down), a helmet and the rope pulley you'll be brought to the different starting platforms. With a gliding speed up to 60 km/h at the Super Longest Zip line, it's a thrilling ride with high potential for an adrenaline rush.

Below you can find an overview of the different Zip lines:

  • 1 single-line Zip line of 500 m
  • 4 Lines Zip lines package in total accumulated length of 1.3 km (includes a 500m line)
  • Super Longest Zip line of 1.5 km

Even though I only did the Nepalese bridge and the long Zip line, other activities can be done, such as Quad Biking, Trekking and Step Jet.


23-Coloured Earth
When volcanoes erupt, there is a high level of gas pressure, causing magma (molten rock deep within the Earth) to come to the surface. During the eruption, the cooling lava solidifies quickly and combines its chemical elements with silica structures into vitreous, small crystals. After the eruption, volcanic molten rock is exposed to surface conditions - low pressure oxidising atmosphere, a temperature of 25°C and the presence of liquid water. These conditions have a major impact on the rock- and earth composition.

Cascade VacoasCascade Bois de NatteCascade Cheveux d'Ange and Cascade Chamouzé are the four superb waterfalls where visitors can listen to water rustling, relax in natural intimacy and feel inner peace.

Flora and Fauna

Apart from the tree ferns, wild orchids and native flowers (the Trochetia and the Bouquet Banané) from the fern garden, various endemic trees to the likes of EbonyBois de NatteTakamaka and some other rare plants contribute to the beauty of the park.

Additionally, La Vallée des Couleurs provides the unique opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat: wild deer, peacocks, tortoises, ducks, hares and monkeys, not forgetting to mention the Pink PigeonPaille-en-Queue and Câteau Vert, bird species that are indigenous to our island.

If you are a nature lover and keen to try some new exciting activities, La Vallee des Couleurs is a must do for you in Mauritius. 

@ Joachim D.