SENSE OF WONDER: Stargazing Into the Beautiful Night Sky

SENSE OF WONDER: Stargazing Into the Beautiful Night Sky

Have you ever taken the time to just look up and enjoy the beautiful night sky? 

Among the many beautiful things in Mauritius, we are also blessed with a beautiful night sky. Nearly every night is the sky clear and full of stars. When gazing at the stars, beautiful stories appear in the constellations. One of the many stories, revolves around Orion, a star constellation that can be spotted in the Mauritian night sky, almost every night. Orion is standing with his dog chasing the Pleiades. However the Great Zeus, in form of a bull, comes to protect the girls. 

With the many star constellations over Mauritius, is their many beautiful sight and stories that can be enjoined, like the Southern Cross, Pegasus, Canis Major and Cygus.  

The stories and legends of the night sky do not take much to enjoy. By simply taking a moment to look up and experience the beautiful twinkling stars and the stunning moon and it’s forever changing shape.

There are many places in Mauritius for stargazing. It is possible at many reports and hotels to participate in stargazing sessions, where the constellations will be showed and the stories will be told.

Stargazing can also be enjoyed in peace and quiet, just looking up at the night sky and let the wonder of the stars take you away, to another world of beauty.