WHEN IN MAURITIUS: Top 10 Places that you need to visit!

WHEN IN MAURITIUS: Top 10 Places that you need to visit!

Chances are that when you are planning your vacation on Mauritius, that relaxation is high on your agenda. With our beautiful beaches and luxury hotels, are we one of the best destinations in the world for a relaxing holiday. But if you want to spend your holiday doing more than just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful white sand beaches, then here are 10 things that you have to see, when in Mauritius. 

Port Louis

Port Louis is the capital city of Mauritius and a living museum with much culture diversity. The city is full of different places to discover, from beautiful churches and temples to museum and the waterfront full of shopping opportunities. Another must see place in Port Louis is the market. The market attracts both tourist and locals in search for what they need. The market offers a wide range of things from local cuisine, souvenirs and locals handicrafts and even the latest catch of the day. So if you want to experience the diverse culture of Mauritius, is Port Louis the place to visit. 

The Pamplemousses Botanical Garden

Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden is the oldest botanical garden on the Southern hemisphere and among the most beautiful in the entire world. The Garden is a true Eden for fauna and flora with so many beautiful and amazing plants, both endemic and introduced plants, trees and spices. The whole garden is set in romantic pathways where you can stroll along and just enjoy the beautiful and breath-taking sights. With so many thing to see it is almost impossible to say what is the most beautiful, but the main attraction of the Garden is undoubtedly the famous Giant Water Lilies.      

Ile aux Cerfs

If you want to experience a true paradise island, then Ile aux Cerfs is just something for you. The small island located of the east coast of Mauritius and is surrounded by the most beautiful blue water. The island itself is enriched with pure white pristine beaches and exotic nature, perfect for relaxation. The island is accessible by speedboat and do also offer lush green golf courses, restaurants and numerus water sports, perfect for a full day escape to paradise. 


Chamarel is one of the top tourist attraction in Mauritius, but don’t let that stop you from going, because there is a reason that all want to see it. Just outside the small village of Chamarel, you can experience some of the most breath taking views of the south. The Chamarel waterfall is a range of waterfalls close to each other, where the highest is 100 meter, which is also the highest on Mauritius. Chamarel is also home to the amazing natural phenomenon of the 7 Colored Earth. The phenomenon, which is truly amazing, is coursed by the cooling temperatures of volcanic rocks, leaving the dunes in 7 distinct colors. 

Black River Gorges National Park

Black River Gorges is the National Park of Mauritius. The park showcases the wild side of Mauritius as one of the few places that is left, looking just like Mauritius before the settlers came. When hiking through the wilderness will you get carried away by the stunning panoramic view of landscapes, peaks and waterfalls. Black River is also home to some of the rarest birds in the world, which are endemic to Mauritius. So if you are a nature lover, is Black River Gorges National Park the place to visit. 

Le Morne

Le Morne Brabant stands tall in the south of Mauritius gazing out to the see, and is truly a beautiful place. The history surrounding Le Morne is sad, but carries a strong message. It was a refuge for slave that made the ultimate sacrifices to escape slavery. Because of the history behind the proud mountain, is it today a UNESCO World Heritage as a cultural sight. Le Morne is surrounded by beautiful beaches, pure crystal water and amazing nature, definitely a place that is worth a visit.       

The Rugged Southern Coast

Almost all of Mauritius is surrounded by a coral reef that protects the beaches, but one of the few places that don’t have the reef, is the south of Mauritius. This means that the coastline can look completely different from the rest of the island. It completely changes the atmosphere, when you see the waves from crashing into the shore with much power. So drive along the coast and discover the different, but still beautiful, beaches that Mauritius has to offer. 

Ganga Talao

Ganga Talao or Grand Bassin is a volcanic crater lake located high above sea-level in the midlands of Mauritius. What characterizes this lake the most is that it is the most important Hindu Pilgrimage site in Mauritius. The lake draws faithful all year round to pray, meditate and make offerings to Lord Shiva. It is a beautiful place full of beautiful temples, so go and get a blessing and enjoy the beautiful sight.  

Ile aux Aigrettes

Off the coast of Mahebourg lies a little islet called Ile aux Aigrettes, which is a nature reserve. At the islet will you get an insight into the extensive conservation work undertaken to protect the endemic fauna and flora of Mauritius. At the islet you will find many of the endemic and rare birds of Mauritius and the Aldabra Giant Tortoise.  It is a stunning place where you can walk the marked trails and enjoy the native wilderness of Mauritius and get a glimpse into how Mauritius used to look like.  

Blue Bay Marine Park

Blue bay is a gorgeous sheltered lagoon, that definitely lives up to the name with almost all shades of blue you can image. Blue Bay is also home one of the only Marine Parks in Mauritius. It is therefore also the perfect place for snorkeling, with its 5-6 meters debts. It is a paradise of colorful fish and many different corals. Even if you are not much of a swimmer, can the beautiful corals and fish still be enjoyed from a glass-bottom boat that will take around the bay to enjoy the Marine Park.