ADRENALINE ADVENTURE: Mauritian Skydiving at its Very Best

ADRENALINE ADVENTURE: Mauritian Skydiving at its Very Best

Are you looking for a once in a lifetime chance to fly over one of the most beautiful islands in the world? Then we have the perfect experience for you.

In Mauritius, skydiving is at its absolute best. You will experience a 10.000 ft. skydive with the most amazing and best view of Mauritius.   

Before the jump, the flight will offer an impressive 360˚ bird eye view over Mauritius coastal, inland and mountain scenery.  At 10.000 ft. the doors will open and you make the jump. When the jump is made will you be ‘flying’ and free falling for about a minute, while reaching the speed of 200 km/h. Here after the instructor will open the canopy and you will slide through the air for about 5 min where the beautiful scenery can be enjoyed. Then, you will slide down for a safe landing.    

The take-off is done from the glorious sugar fields of Mon Loisir, with beautiful views of Mauritius stunning lagoons and reefs that stretches far into the Indian Ocean. The whole skydiving experiences will take about 1 hour, which includes ground training, 25 min. flight, and free falling and parachute flight. After jumping you will receive a tandem skydiving certificate, so you will always have a reminder of the wonderful experience for many years to come.

All skydiving experiences in Mauritius are done as a tandem dive with an experienced and qualified instructor.

What is Tandem Skydiving?

Tandem skydiving is a form of skydiving where, you, the student skydiver will be connected via a harness to a skydiving instructor. Through the whole jump, the instructor will guide you through the whole jump from exit to landing. With this method you will only need minimal instructions before the jump.  It is therefore used for skydivers with minimal experience, so they also have the possibility to experience the thrill of jumping out of a plane 10.000 ft. in the air.