Oberoi Hotels & Resort is synonymous all over the world with the right blend of Service and luxury. Internationally acclaimed for their all-round excellence and unparalleled level of service, has Oberoi Hotel & Resorts received numerous awards and honours.  

The Oberoi Hotel & Resort of Mauritius is located within 20 acres of lush sub-tropical garden that lines up to the beautiful shore of Turtle Bay. The Oberoi has access to 6 hundred meters of white sand beaches, from where there is a magnificent view of the beautiful Mauritian sunset, every day. Turtle Bay is also home to a natural marine park with a magnificent vibrant coral reef.   

The pavilions and villas at the Oberoi Mauritius are sheltered by a charming thatched roof and have magnificent views of the Indian Ocean or the lush sub-tropical garden of the Oberoi. They feature rustic oak and natural cane furniture, wall-to-wall windows and marble bathrooms that all harmonise with nature. 

Touching Senses and Unique Experiences

Mauritius is a crossroad between cultures, which is a truly delight for the guests senses as they will experiences a unique bouquet of tastes, colours and lush landscapes. The Oberoi therefore encourage the guest to explore the experiences that Mauritius and the Oberoi have to offer. The Oberoi has various specially designed activities to make you relax and challenge your soul, with just a few mentioned here.  

African Hypoxis Body Experience

The African Hypoxis Body Experience is a deeply hydrating treatment that eliminates toxins and stimulates the body to produce natural collagen and elastin, leaving the skin looking and feeling more radiant.

Renewal of Vows

For a unique experience to celebrate a wedding anniversary, you can renew your vows at the private beach cove. It is an intimate ceremony where you can read you vows to you loved one. The ceremony is followed by a sunset photoshoot and a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach.

Private Dinner in the Gunpowder Room

Within the Oberoi is the Gunpowder Room, which is a national monument that dates back to 18th century French colonial times. The room is restores to its former glory and do now host intimate ambient dining experiences for couples. Here guest can taste the vibrant flavours of the traditional Creole dishes, accompanied by homemade rum.

Star Gazing

On clear sky evenings you can end your day in the warm sand, being amazed by the night skies over Mauritius. You will have the delight opportunity of seeing countless planets and constellations, including Jupiter, Saturn, the Moon, Orion and the Great Bear.

Rum Session

Mauritius has a long history of sugar cane farming and thus rum making. The rum making process in Mauritius involves age-old artisanal techniques of grinding and pulping ripe tropical fruits and local spices, followed by a lengthy fermentation process.

At the Oberoi Mauritius, guest will experiences a guided rum session where the will be invited to try adding their own flavor to local rums using a variety of local ingredients.

Hindu Ceremony

At the local village temple, guests are invited to participate in a Hindu blessing ceremony. Guided by a traditional priest, guest can learn the profound spirituality and experiences some of the rituals that are being practices as a part of the devoted religious belief in Mauritius. 

Visit to Art Galerie de Moulin Cassé

Housed in a heritage sugar mill, is art-loving guest invited to experiences the galleries photographs and oil and watercolor paintings by local artists. The gallery also showcase a fantastic display of around 20,000 handmade terracotta pots. 

Nature Walk

Guest can also experience the 20 acres of sub-tropical garden located around the Oberoi with a guided tour. Here the secrets behind the cheeky names given to the local plants will be reviled. Prepare to be awed by the Oberoi’s 300 year old Banyan trees and discover some of the 200 species of plant and animals that have made their home at the Oberoi. 

La Batterie de la Pointe de la Baie des Tortues

The Oberoi Mauritius is also home to 4 national Monuments that date all the way back to the French colonial period of Mauritius. Together, all 4 make up a Battery that was an integral part of Mauritius defence system.

Battery Wall

The 1 meter high earth and stone parapet, cannons were placed as part of the coastal defense. The gun ports of the wall have been preserved and reconstructed to its original state.

Powder Magazine

The powder magazine was a small building use to store the explosive gunpowder in wooden barrels for safety.

Gunpowder Room

The main gunpowder magazine store was built to house two mortars, six 18-ponder guns and four 8-ponder guns used as artillery.

Today the Gunpowder Room is restored to its former glory and used to host intimate dinners where guest are served traditional Mauritian cuisines. 

Artillery Stonewall

The incomplete earth and stonewall represent a store for the artillery that was no longer evident.  


A most fantastic honeymoon. We could not have wished for any better location, service or tranquillity. We particularly enjoyed the “Touching Senses” activities, attending cookery, wine tasting, pottery and star gazing, all of which were superb!
— Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Corbally, United Kingdom