ULTIMATE ADVENTURE: Deep Sea Fishing in Mauritius

ULTIMATE ADVENTURE: Deep Sea Fishing in Mauritius

Not many know it but, Mauritius is very famous within Deep Sea Fishing, or Big Game Fishing as it is also called. Deep Sea Fishing in Mauritius has been practiced by the locals for many years and is now becoming a popular activity among tourists in Mauritius. The reasoning for Mauritius being such a great place for Deep Sea Fishing, is because of the perfect water and weather conditions that Mauritius offers throughout the year, because in Mauritius is it always time to go fishing. Deep Sea Fishing in Mauritius can therefore be enjoyed by both experienced and beginners within fishing.

Because of the tropical atmosphere, blue warm water and gorgeous weather is Mauritius blessed with an underwater wonderland of marine biodiversity, attracting especially pelagic fish species. Therefore, because of the overall greatness of Mauritius within fishing, is Mauritius respected by Deep Sea Fishing enthusiast from all over the world. Mauritius also has a rich fauna in the waters surrounding Mauritius, teeming with big game species that makes Mauritius one of the top destinations in the world within Deep Sea Fishing. Some of the species found around Mauritius is:

-          Giant Blue Marlins

-          Black marlin

-          Mako Shark

-          Tuna

-          Sailfish

-          Dorado

One of the legends among the big game fish in Mauritius is the enormous Blue Marlin, which is at the top of the food chain and lurks around in the Mauritian water. The Blue Marlin is legendary for its fighting ability, which makes it one of the most targeted game fish in the world. When caught, the Blue Marlin puts up a spectacular battle, with both jumping all over the surface and staying under water to fight dirty. Battling one of these giant can take well over 3 hours, and the longest fight with a Blue Marlin in Mauritius was 26 hours long, before the line broke.

As one of top destination in the world to go Deep Sea Fishing is Mauritius holding several IGFA World Records, including:

-          Mako Shark of 1115 pounds

-          Blue Shark of 400 pounds

-          Bonito of 41,5 pounds

-          White Tuna of 224 pounds

-          Bécune of 125 pounds