EXTREME SPORT: The Ultimate Kite-Surfing Experience

EXTREME SPORT: The Ultimate Kite-Surfing Experience

Thinking of Mauritius, one of the first things that come to mind is properly our beautiful white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons, but who can blame them. Mauritius, though, has so much more to offer then just sunbathing on our beautiful beaches. So if you want to venture out beyond sunbathing, then is the sheer variety of water sports offered something for you.  

Mauritius is known among surfers for having perfect weather conditions all year round, therefore kite-surfing is one of the most popular water sports in Mauritius. Kite-surfing has become more of a fun sport rather than an extreme sport, therefore making it the perfect water sport to try, when in Mauritius.

Mauritius is considered one of the leading kite-surfing destinations in the world, you can therefore expect many great place perfectly suited for kite-surfing. One place, though, over shines the others. Arguably, Le Morne Brabant is known as the absolutely best place in Mauritius for kite-surfing.  Le Morne Brabant is known for its big blue lagoon with shallow water, great wind and plenty of space. Once in the water you can enjoy the great scenery with turquoise water, white sandy beaches and the beautiful backdrop of Le Morne Brabant. 

Le Morne is the perfect place for both beginners and trained kite-surfers, because of the diversity the lagoon offers. Beginners can be sheltered away within the lagoon with shallow water and good wind, where the more brave and trained can venture out of the lagoon. Le Morne also offers a perfect spot for experts only, called One Eye. One Eye is best surfed at high tide when the tide is still rising, though watch out for very strong current. 

Because of the popularity of kite-surfing in Mauritius, are there also many places that teach kite-surfing for beginners. Kite-surfing don’t take much physical strength, but more the determination to try. So when you obtain kite-surfing skills, can you be sure to discover a deep and lasting passion for kite-surfing.  

Because kite-surfing is such a growing water sport is there constantly introduced safer equipment and materiel, guaranteeing you safety and pure enjoyment when kite-surfing in Mauritius.