TOP BEACHES OF MAURITIUS: A little Piece of Paradise

TOP BEACHES OF MAURITIUS: A little Piece of Paradise
Mauritius was made first, and then heaven, and that heaven was copied after Mauritius
— Mark Twain

Clear turquoise water and endless white sand beaches with coconut trees, is one of the things that characterize Mauritius the most and making it the ideal tropical dream beach vacation.  

In Mauritius you can experience a large variety of beautiful beaches with white sand and blue lagoons, almost wherever you are on the island. These beaches are the embodiment of paradise for those who want to enjoy sun, sand and sea.  

Mauritius has a coastline that is approximately 330 km long, where you can find a beach on almost all of it. Another advantage of the beaches of Mauritius is that almost the entire island is surrounded by coral reefs, which have created our beautiful lagoons. This also means that these lagoons have calm waters ideal for swimming, bathing and snorkeling. 

North Coast Beaches of Mauritius

Trou aux Biches Beach

Trou aux Biches is sometimes referred to as the best beach in Mauritius. That is due to the quality sand, great weather conditions and the facilities along the beach. The beach is about 2 km long and protected by a coral reef, which some places almost reaches the beach, this is why Trou aux Biches is a great beach to snorkel at. Trou aux Biches beach is also a great place for sunbathing and to just spend some time with family and friends. There is also the possibility to try various sports activities and to enjoy the view of the spectacular Mauritian sunset.  

Mont Choisy Beach  

Mont Choisy beach is an almost 3 km long beach with white sand bends around the coast of the beautiful turquoise water bay. Many sports activities can be enjoyed here, such as jogging, aerobics and water skiing. There even is the opportunity to play a little football with the locals at the nearby football field. A few minute walk away you can even see the Hindu statues, which are place close to the ocean.

Pereybere Beach

Pereybere beach is very popular among both locals and tourist. The lagoon is quite deep and crystal clear making it a perfect place for snorkeling. The beach is full of life with various fast-food stalls located along the beach selling kebab, sandwiches and also fresh pineapples.

East Coast Beaches of Mauritius

Blue Bay Beach

Once entered will you immediately realize were the name comes from. Blue bay is known for its water in various colours of different blues. Blue Bay is perfectly suited for swimming and relaxing and by exploring you will be able to find smaller lonely beautiful bays. In Blue Bay you will also find the famous marine park with about 72 different corals and 32 different species of fish, making it ideal for snorkeling.

Belle Mare Beach

Belle Mare beach is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius. It is known for its calm waters, great deep lagoons and white pristine sand. Belle Mare beach is one of the longest beaches in Mauritius making it a great place for sports activities or just a walk along the beach.

Belle Mare beach is also known for its unique combination of colors along the water, changing from deep blue to white clean water, all this boarders up to lush Greenland with trees and plants.  

Ile aux Cerfs Beach

Just of the shore of Mauritius, easily accessible by boat, is the paradise islet of Ile aux Cerfs located. The islet of lle aux Cerfs is located inside the east coast lagoon giving it the benefit of calm crystal clear water. When approaching the islet by boat will you see the pure white beaches and swaying palm trees framing the turquoise water. When visiting lle aux Cerfs would it be recommended to dedicate a full day to enjoy the many facilities the islet has to offer.  

South Coast Beaches of Mauritius

Riviere des Galets Beach

Riviere des Galets beach is the perfect place to enjoy the view of the sea and to watch the waves come crashing into the shore. At Riviere des Galets you can smell the sea, feel the wind breeze and look and enjoy the beautiful sight of the southern mountain range.

From the beach, just a few minute walk away, can the islet of Ilôt Sancho be reached. Ilôt Sancho is a very small islet that can be walked around in just a few minutes. When walking around the islet will you get a great view of the south coast of Mauritius. Ilôt Sancho is though not suited for swimming.   

St Félix Beach

St Félix beach located in the very south is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Mauritius. St Félix beach is made up from 2 separate beaches, where the eastern one is more recommended visiting. The beach is very beautiful with its white sand and mixture of turquoise and dark blue water. Along the beach you will also see many trees and greenery that provides the perfect color contrast to the beach and sea. Duo to the strong current and many corals can it be difficult to go for a swim.

Gris Gris Beach

Gris Gris beach can offer you a magnificent view from the top of its cliffs, but be careful because Gris Gris beach is not surrounded by the coral reef therefore making big waves crash against the cliffs. Beside the beach is there a small garden where you will find many quite spots where you can relax and sit on the many benches to enjoy the view of the sea, cliffs and waves.

A spectacular sight you will see at Gris Gris is the "Roche Qui Pleure”, where the constant splashing of the waves against the cliff gives you the impression that the cliff is crying.  

West Coast Beaches of Mauritius

Flic en Flac Beach

Flic en Flac beach, meaning “Free and Flat Land” in Dutch, is the longest beach of Mauritius. The beach is perfect for bathing, swimming, snorkelling and to just have fun with friends and family. Flic en Flac beach offers you white sand and turquoise water without any current. Corals and sea urchins are present, so swimming shoes is recommended.   

At Flic en Flac you will be able to see the most beautiful sunset, where the sky will be filled with a range of colors, leaving you with a remarkable scenery of the beach.   

Tamarin Bach

At Tamarin beach will you be able to watch both the Tamarin Bay and the Black River Mountain range. The sand of Tamarin Beach is yellowish because is consist of a mixture of sand and little stones, the area is though clear from corals, stones and sea urchins. The Tamarin beach is cut in two by the Tamarin River, but can be crossed on food.

Tamarin Bay is one of the few places of Mauritius that have not got the coral reef of protection. This meaning that the sea can be a little ruff duo to waves and current. This also means that it is a great place for water sports, like surfing.     

Le Morne Beach

Le Morne beach are located at the foot of Le Morne Brabant. The beach is filled with beautiful white coral sand, clear water and trees scattered along the beach, all with the beautiful Le Morne Mountain in the background. Le Morne beach is also very popular with wind and kite surfers, duo to the all-year round perfect wind condition. So when swimming at the beach you should be aware of the surfers to avoid collision.     

It is important to know that all beaches of Mauritius are public, also those that are located besides hotels and resorts, you can therefore not be prevented from entering “their” beaches.