STAND UP PADDLE: A Tropical Surf Experience of Mauritius

STAND UP PADDLE: A Tropical Surf Experience of Mauritius

Copyright: Laurent Nevarez  

If you are looking for a fun way to discover our paradise island, is Stand Up Paddle the ideal way to discover the natural beauties of Mauritius. You will go along some of the most beautiful places with turquoise lagoons, tropical green labyrinths, rivers and waterfalls.     

The coasts of Mauritius are filled with turquoise water, green labyrinths, tropical rivers with water flower and small falls, that can all be reached on a Stand Up Paddle board. You can experience the silent of many of our beautiful small islets, away from the crowds with complete freedom. Mauritius is the ideal place for Stand Up Paddle, because the waves coming in from the Indian Ocean breaks on the reef barrier, making the water more still.  

Stand Up Paddle, also known as SUP, is all about standing on a board, moving on the water while rowing with a paddle. Stand Up Paddle can be done in both waves, lagoons and rivers. Stand Up Paddle was first seen in 1960 in Hawaii. Surf instructors used these boards and technique to guide and teach people to surf.  

SUP Surf      

If you are a little more daring would it be ideal to try Stand Up Paddle surfing, which is easier compared to the traditional way of surfing. The board have enough buoyancy to stand, therefore making it easier to see the waves from far away. The paddle provides you with more power, which is useful when catching the waves to keep up your balance. 

SUP Fitness

Stand Up Paddle is not only a fun way to get around, but also an extremely comprehensive workout for your entire body. Muscles in the arms, legs, abs and back are all stimulated, leaving one hour enough the see how efficient the sport really is. If you also feel like you lack balance in your everyday life, is Stand Up Paddle a great way to improve it.  

Whether you want to sculptor your body, explore the island or just have some fun, here are 8 good reasons to way you should try Stand Up Paddle boarding.

1.       Improves your balance

2.       Muscular strength

3.       Yoga in a different way

4.       Challenging, but fun

5.       Drift away

6.       Anti-stress therapy

7.        Sunset on the beach

8.       Follow the trend