AQUATIC ILLUSION: The Underwater Waterfall at Le Morne

AQUATIC ILLUSION: The Underwater Waterfall at Le Morne

Can you picture yourself swimming out in the ocean and then suddenly being sucked down into a huge, tumbling underwater waterfall!? When visiting Mauritius you can experience an illusion so great, that it might look like reality!

Just off the shore of Le Morne Barbant, surrounded by oceans in numerous colors, ranging from teal, dark blue and white, is the famous illusion of the Underwater Waterfall. The Underwater Waterfall is one of the most unexpected feasts for the human eyes, leaving our already spectacular island even more enchanting.  

You might be tricked into thinking that the waterfall is actual real, but it is in fact an illusion like no other. The illusion of the Underwater Waterfall is crated do to sand and silt moving sediments, which are under the influence of the powerful underwater currents. The colors of the water fluctuates, making it appear like the Underwater Waterfall is headed to who knows where. 

The wonders of our dreamscape island, including the Underwater Waterfall, can all be seen and enjoyed from the ground, but if you are searching for an even more spectacular way to see this wonder, will a helicopter tour give an even more visually stimulation view. 

Air Mauritius can offer you the amazing experience of a helicopter tour over the spectacular Underwater Waterfall and the landmarks surrounding the south-western part of Mauritius.        

Air Mauritius offers the exhilaration of flying high above Mauritius with a aerial panoramic view. This premium service of helicopter tours gives you the opportunity to experience Mauritius in a truly original way, leaving you back with an unforgettable experiences of our beautiful dreamscape island.