BLUE QUEST: Dolphin watching to awaken your senses

BLUE QUEST: Dolphin watching to awaken your senses

BLUE QUEST is one of our most popular experiences.  Join the crew for an exploration of local marine life where you will come across dolphins, whales, turtles and marine birds. An eco-friendly trip that will awaken your senses!

It starts with intense waiting: our eyes are small slits against the sun reflecting off the water, our bodies tensed, waiting for that flash of dorsal fin or cloud of breath. Then a sleek great body leaps out the back of a wave and a shout goes up: "There! In the surf!"

Now we watch. It looks like they're playing - good; we don't get in the water with pods that are sleeping or mating. Then.. it's a go! Masks on, deep breath, and a quiet slide off the boat. Suddenly, the water is alive with the clicking and whistling of 20-plus dolphins. We hear them before we see them, as they scan us. "Who are you? What are your intentions? Want to play?"

A mother and baby come in close - miniature light-grey body, still slightly uncoordinated, sticking close to mum's side, always touching as they race alongside me. Is the mother showing me her young one, or is she showing me to the baby? It's definitely an experience to remember!

DIVER RATING: Swimming ability

DEPTH: 3-10 metres


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